St Andrew’s United Methodist Church

Prayer Requests from 3/25/2020 through 4/7/2020

Prayers for Elisa's family on her death. Elisa is the daughter of Rev. Tony Dawson and Sandi Dawson.

[Comfort/Grief] Elisa Dawson

Debra's father Wayne Pennock died this last weekend.

[Comfort/Grief] Debra Worrell

Prayers for Elisa Dawson as she struggles for life.
(Daughter of Rev. Tony Dawson and Sandi Dawson).

[General] Elisa Dawson

My brother, Rick, passed away overnight. Thank you for all the prayers for him these last few months.

[General] Mike Fehrman

Kathy's father is in hospice.

[General] Kathy Johnson

Prayers for Kathy's cousin Bill's wife Teresa as she struggles with Covid-19

[General] Kathy Radachi
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